Restoration Process

Making aged art, new again.

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Before a James Peter Cost original painting is sold from this website it has gone through restoration.  The original varnish has been removed, the painting cleaned and restored, and new varnish has been applied.  One can see the difference in the image above.  The right side of the painting has gone through the restoration process just described.  The old varnish—on the left of the canvas—distorts the color of the pigment.  It is still in need of restoration.

A collector may, of course, contact a qualified restoration person in the vicinity in which he lives. We also recommend the professional artist, Shelley Cost. Shelley was trained by James Peter Cost as to the materials he used, and how to duplicate his style, so she is more than qualified to restore her father’s work.  She’s not only well qualified,—BA in Fine Art, UCLA—but she is extremely generous with her fees for the same.  To contact Shelley Cost, go to the page titled Links on this website, and click on her website.

Most of the original JPC paintings shown on this site are nearly 50 years old.  All have needed to be cleaned, and re-varnished. Due to flacking, small areas on an occasional painting  have been resealed, or touched up.  All of the paintings on our James Peter Cost website are in perfect condition.

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