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BettyJo Cost and Ron Harrod have developed the website, JamesPeterCost.com, specifically for the purpose of reselling original paintings by the former Carmel regional artist, James Peter Cost.  BettyJo and James Peter Cost owned a gallery together in Carmel, CA,—the James Peter Cost Gallery—from 1964 until ‘89 when the leasing rights to the gallery were sold. 

An active resale market was proven in the JPC Gallery as early as the ’70s. Due to the various financial needs of collectors, JPC original paintings were resold after a Resale Market was established.

Since all of artist’s originals are in private collection, paintings become available through heirs, or from estates.   As the work comes back to the Harrod’s, it will be shown on this website.  For additional information, please see the pages, Home, Originals, and Order.

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When we married in 1957, JP was a school teacher. He was absolutely convinced that artists couldn’t make a living painting full time. I believed they could.

During the summers while he was painting for his Masters program at USC, I realized his work was very special. I suggested to JP that he resign from teaching to paint full time. I said, “We should move from Naples, Long Beach to Carmel by the Sea to open an art gallery.” I promised to manage the gallery full time and do the sales and marketing to promote his career. That was over 50 years ago. That art gallery—the James Peter Cost Gallery (1964-1989)—blessed us, our collectors as well as our collective children. And now it is blessing our children’s children.                                                 

- BettyJo Cost Harrod, 2013

Our Mission

The James Peter Cost Legacy

Summer Shadows” was painted in 1969.  This original painting has been exhibited in two museum exhibitions. 

The first occurred in 1971 at the R. W. Norton Gallery in Shreveport, LA.  In 1973 the painting was exhibited in a collection of contemporary works by American artists at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.

Summer Shadows”, 36”x24”, Oil on canvas

by James Peter Cost

NFS—in private collection!

Summer Shadows”