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Southwest Art Magazine, April 1976:

Quoting Cost, Marion Stewart wrote: “After mastering the basics, an artist, like a pianist, goes on to more complicated pieces.  In the process of trying to master my profession, I set up immediate, intermediate, and long-term goals.  Thus, each painting becomes more of a challenge.”

James Peter Cost in the Press/Media

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Success Unlimited Magazine, Audrey Harris,

March 1973:

Cost’s renditions of the sea have been commissioned for Reader’s Digest Covers, appearing first in June 1969, and May 1972, making millions aware of his talent, which also brought Cost recognition by invitation in all the Marquis publications of Who’s Who.”

Impresario, Magazine of the Arts, Editor-Publisher, R.C. Robison, August 1967

Cost is a dedicated, sincere artist with integrity. He has perfected his talent to a degree that deserves our highest praise.”

Realism in Retrospect, R.W. Norton Museum,

October 1971:

J. Bloomer wrote: “...Cost is able to paint that part of the scene which the indiscriminate eye of the camera is unable to capture—the feeling and spirit.  Cost...sees not just a painting of old buildings, but a portrait of ranch life—the years of happiness and hard work, care and neglect, success and failure. James Peter Cost has captured, through paintings of rural America, the remnants of a way of life that have contributed to the greatness of what this country is today.  His seascapes compel attention because each painting arouses feeling.”

Sand and Rocks at Pebble Beach”

16 x 20” Oil/Canvas

1st place award among 500 national entries, Franklin Mint 1975.

Original in private collection.

*All reproduction rights are owned by the JPC heirs.